Saturday, December 19, 2009

Free Concert Announcement

OAK RIDGES, ONTARIO - Alternative Rock band “VANEK” revolutionizes the music ticket sales industry with a FREE Love and Respect Concert at the Newmarket Theatre.

On Saturday January 9th, 2010 @ 7pm there will be a 400 person capacity crowd attending a themed concert regarding the topic of “Love and Respect.” As quoted from Mark Pezzelato, creator of VANEK and owner of Pezmosis Music Productions: “If every person in the world had a general love and respect for one another, there would be no such thing as violence, greed, stealing, poverty, or anything else of the sort.”

The concert is free because love and respect cannot be bought, it’s earned. Over 300 tickets to date have been “sold” to this 400 seated event with the stipulation that people can have as many tickets as they like, they just have to fill the seats. Also, to be able to attend a concert regarding the notion of love and respect is for people of all ages and races. It is also free because the size of your wallet should not matter.

Other performers include Dennis French, Matt Empacher, and The Dirty Tricksters. Prizes will be raffled with money raised going towards the Cancer Research Facility at Southlake Hospital.

For tickets to this event either go on-line to, e-mail, or call the Newmarket Theatre box office 905-953-5122.

Pez goes onto say: “This concert is the first of many. The goal of Vanek is to use creativity in music to produce love and respect for all humanity. Soon we will be playing full stadium concerts for the same reason in the same manner.”
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